AmeriHaz™ is a patented, revolutionary polymer invented by Dr. Mike Castle PhD in 1996. It is an easily prepared safe and nontoxic method of removing toxic crude oil and benzene from saturated waters, the result of which is coalesced into a buoyant gel hard enough to be easily removed from the water which can then be burned as fuel in any coal-fired plant, with only a .25% ash output – making it a very clean fuel source. Benzene is locked into its polymer structure and is not allowed to escape into the atmosphere, unlike any other oil collection method anywhere, including the new “oil separation” machines.

On May 21, 2010 Dr Mike Castle (a polymer chemist) announced the launching of the ‘independent’ AmeriHaz Gulf clean up project on the Drew Raines radio program. This project is absolutely the safest and most intelligent approach to protecting shorelines and wild life from the pending carnage of the worst oil leak in history. There are actually ‘troops’ standing by to disseminate AmeriHaz in the Gulf area as soon as enough of the product can be produced.

To move forward however, Dr. Castle (Castle Concepts) needs at least $2 M to produce AmeriHaz in the enormous quantities necessary to protect and/or clean up the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida.

Here is an opportunity for the public to act on a very real threat to our country and our environment. To use our own money and have our own team (not corporate profiteers) cleaning up the Gulf is absolutely the only way we can be certain it is done and done properly. (Remember the superfund sites?)

Dr Castle’s professional qualifications:

“Mike” is a Certified Environmental Risk Auditor, Conducts Environmental Phased Assessments Due Diligence for National Lending Institutions, Industry and Environmental Organizations, including Sub-surface Investigation, Geologic Interpretation, Core Drilling/Soil Water Matrix Sample Analyses, US EPA Testing Protocol’s Specification’s, Analytical Interpretation and preparation of Reports – and much more!

He is a practicing Industrial Polymer Chemist with US Patents in Coatings and Adhesives.

Development and Preparation of Investigative Scope-of-Works, Corrective Action Plan, Remedial Action Plan and Site Post-Closure Plans, submittal to State Environmental Agency or US EPA;

Developed Synergistic Co-Train Treatment’s that are utilized in-situ with Bacteria to achieve the remediation and clean-up of Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Soils and Groundwaters of the US, PolyChlorinated , BiPhenyls (PCB’s) other PolyNuclear Aromatic’s, and other Organic/Inorganic Environmental Pollutant’s;

Co-Developed a Remedial Process for Environmental Contaminants referred to as BioIntergration used in the hydrogeological manipulation of Groundwaters and contaminated Geologic formations using Co-Treatments and Naturally Occuring Microbes to remediate the subsurface

Dr Castle can be contacted at amerihaz@gmail.com

Download the AmeriHaz Gulf Fund Info Sheet, make copies, and hand them out to everyone you know.

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