Mission Statement

By Dr. Mike Castle PhD

Our country, indeed our planet, is facing the worst oil spill crisis in history. The damage to our environment and wild life could create an extinction-level catastrophe. The economic impact to the businesses and communities affected by this disaster may not be recoverable – if we don’t act right away.

Years ago I, as a polymer scientist, created a non-toxic product designed to bond with and solidify petroleum products on contact. AmeriHaz Petroleum Solidifier is a safe material that can be used in emergency situations to capture petroleum based materials such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel oil, fuel oil, aviation jet fuels and such.

TV interview and product demonstration: http://www.10tv.com/live/content/onnnews/stories/2010/05/17/story-scientist-oil-spill-columbus.html

AmeriHaz can be used by emergency response crews battling crude oil emergencies, to protect marshlands, beaches and pristine marine areas. It may be deployed using rescue-boats, dispensed using air-jet blowers towing a SuperSak of material floating behind the rescue raft and vacuuming the pelletized polymer. It will not sink and is inherently buoyant even after oil has been solidified in it.

The solidified petroleum can be collected using drag nets, towed to shore and placed into large metal storage vessels. After the emergency has run its course, the crude may be recovered in a separate process at a later date, or even safely burned as a fuel in coal generated power plants.

This product needs to play a significant role in the Gulf oil clean up campaign – ASAP. There are ‘troops’ standing by to disseminate AmeriHaz in the Gulf area as soon as enough of the product can be produced. Castle Concepts needs funds to produce AmeriHaz in the enormous quantities necessary to protect and/or clean up the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida.

To hear my discussion of the Gulf catastrophe and the project to clean up and mitigate the BP oil spill, go to: http://anticorruptionsociety.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/mc-on-d-raines.mp3

All donations to this critically important project will be greatly appreciated. Checks should be made out to Castle Concepts – AmeriHaz

Send donations to: Castle Concepts – AmeriHaz
1933 E Dublin Granville Rd, #171
Columbus, Ohio 43229

Thank you,
Dr. Mike Castle (Castle Concepts) and friends
More info: http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2010/05/17/the-gulf-oil-catastrophe-an-appeal-to-all/
email: amerihaz@gmail.com

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